Big changes for Permission to Draw

Dear Readers

I know you haven’t heard anything from me for a very long time. A lot has happened since I last wrote! I have moved back to the countryside and have been spending my time teaching my Bad Art and Artist’s Journal courses in the local area, as well as concentrating on my own painting and drawing.

I have decided that maintaining an online presence is just not where my passion lies at the moment – I must admit I find it very tiring and would rather spend my time drawing! However, my lovely daughter Eli has agreed to host some of my work on her site (, which I think you’ll all enjoy. She and I share a lot of the same ideas.

The Permission to Draw website and Twitter accounts will be taken down, although a lot of the content will be reposted on Eli’s site.

I am also thrilled to announce that she and I are working on swanky, multimedia, online versions of all my workshops! So do keep posted for more news on that.

To continue hearing from me (albeit sporadically), please make sure you sign up to Eli’s mailing list. All the details of the new online workshops will be posted there as well.

Thank you for your support over the last few years.

Kind regards

Stella Falconer